ONYX Hospitality Group’s handling of guest safety in light of COVID-19

We are committed to the ongoing safety and well-being of our hotel guests, team members and community. Epecially in such a crucial period, all ONYX Hospitality Group hotels maintain stringent hygiene standards according to international guidelines to help our guests feel as secure as possible. In order to secure just that, we have set-up procedures, plans and routines in place.

All our housekeeping team members use protective equipment, including face masks and rubber gloves (like those from https://unigloves.co.uk/), when cleaning our guest rooms to ensure we meet the required hygiene standards.

While cleaning public areas has always been a day-to-day requirement of all our hotels, we have increased the rate of disinfecting our lifts and service counters, and areas that are most exposed to contact, to prevent the transmission.

Hand sanitisers are available throughout the public areas of the hotels to maintain cleanliness for both our guests and team members.
We check the temperature of all our team members before operating our services throughout the day to ensure their health and ability to care for our guests daily. Furthermore, all of our team members have been trained to watch out for and report suspected cases of infection among guests and colleagues

With your cooperation to look after personal hygiene and seek immediate medical assistance if you feel unwell, we continue to extend a warm welcome and brighten your stay at all our destinations.

*This information is valid until further notice and may be updated.

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