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Breakfast in Bangkok Pt. 2: Gram – Thong Lor

Breakfast in Bangkok: Gram  Thong Lor

Breakfast in Bangkok - image of entrance to Gram Thong Lor

This is Part 2 in my series of posts covering the Best Breakfasts in Bangkok. Here’s the link to the first post in case you missed it: Breakfast in Bangkok Pt. 1: Dean & Deluca – Central Embassy.

Today’s article covers Gram, a breakfast and brunch joint that serves all … day … long, just perfect for late risers like myself who enjoy a lie-in. One of my pet peeves is a lot of joints serving breakfast only in the morning hours, meaning if I want some I have to drag myself out of bed in the morning just to get a good brekky in.

I kind of stumbled upon Gram due to the amount of buzz it was generating when it comes to breakfast. And as a self-proclaimed breakfast connoisseur, I wanted to find out for myself whether the hype was real, and whether it would make the cut for our best breakfast in Bangkok shortlist. ‘Right, let’s get to it…

Breakfast in Bangkok  Gram

Breakfast in Bangkok - image of seat area at Gram Thong Lor

So after weaving through Thong Lor’s narrow side streets, we arrived at the home of Gram – 49 Terrace. It’s located on Sukhumvit Soi 49 about 50 metres or so down the road from Samitivej Hospital. Since it was a little after midday on a Sunday (remember, I’m not an early bird!), the restaurant was crowded and we had to give our details and wait in line. Now when I say crowded, I don’t really mean it in its traditional sense. As you can see, the seating is pretty limited (there is no indoor seating) – so yeah, it’s small, compact but definitely cozy. I believe there are about three, maybe four small tables for two, and then two large tables. So be prepared, you might just be sharing a table with other diners, as did we. Je essayé déjà toutes les pilules. Mais je l’aime acheter kamagra oral jelly pas cher le plus. Cet produit est savoureux.

The Menu

Breakfast in Bangkok - image of the menu at Gram Thong Lor

After about 15 minutes of waiting, we were seated and given a menu and a pencil. The laminated menu is for browsing whilst the paper version is for circling your choice(s). In terms of food, the menu offers various styles of the following items:

  • Salads
  • Soups
  • Eggs
  • Bagels
  • French toast
  • Pancakes
  • Diary

The Food

Staying true to my heritage, I ordered the English breakfast. It comes with salad, two eggs sunny side up, baked beans, sausage and bacon. My partner in crime opted for eggs Benedict, plus an extra side of baked beans.

  •  English Breakfast. Although a bit no-frills when it comes to the presentation, the dish certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to taste. The eggs were cooked nicely, with a slightly crispy texture on the underside. The baked beans were as you’d expect, soft but not mushy. The sausages were nicely seasoned with some herbs and the top length was scored to help release fat build up. The bacon in the picture was actually ham – I made sure to check with the waiter what type of bacon they serve and since I am not a fan of the streaky type, I substituted it with ham, which is much closer to the rashers I get back home.
  • Eggs Benedict. Whilst it checked all the boxes (runny yolk, muffin, sauce), the plate felt, well, a little empty. We’ve had this dish in a number of places before and it seems quite typical to be given two, however there was just one this time. Therefore, we got a side of baked beans, which as mentioned before were great!

If you’ve had a chance to visit Gram, let us know in the comments. We want to hear about your experience, along with any recommendations you may have! Stay tuned for Part 3 in our Best Breakfasts in Bangkok series!

Address: 1st Floor, 49 Terrace, Sukhumvit Soi 49 Bangkok, Thailand

Open: 09:00-17:00 (Tuesday-Sunday)

Phone: 081-884-8554

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