The Best Burgers in Bangkok

Best Burgers in Bangkok - Angel CityBelieve it or not, Bangkok’s got a serious obsession over patties and buns. In only the last couple years, the city’s become more perfectly covered in gourmet burger joints than a slice of Swiss cheese on sirloin. There is a burger for every appetite, craving or mood in this meaty paradise – so where exactly is a burger lover to begin? Here we cover what we consider to be the best burgers in Bangkok!

The “Hangover” Burger

Best Burgers in Bangkok - Angel City Chilli Cheese

There’s nothing better after a big night on the town than gobbling up a fat patty. Luckily, Angel City Diner, a ’50s-inspired restaurant, is open 24/7 on Bangkok’s famous Sukhumvit 11 party strip. The chili cheeseburger (THB 349) is sure to fill any belly, with generous toppings like Texas beef chili and jalapenos. There is also the renowned DDD (THB 599) – double patties, double cheese, double bacon and house sauce.

Angel City Diner, The Prime 11, Sukhumvit 11. 02 651 3313.

The “Honest-to-Goodness” Burger

Best Burgers in Bangkok - Firehouse Honest-to-Goodness Burger

What if you’re looking for a burger that’s juicy and delicious, but without too much fuss? Well, that’s just how Firehouse made its name. The restaurant’s specialty is its Premium (THB 190) with an organic Thai-French beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion and house-made mayo on a fresh-baked Kaiser bun. You could also up the ante to an Australian Black Angus (THB 380), depending on how deeply hunger strikes.

Firehouse, 3/26 Sukhumvit 11. 02 651 3643

 The “Fancy Pants” Burger

Best Burgers in Bangkok - Escapade Fancy Pants BurgerChef Van Rohitratana’s burgers are the most wildly inventive you will ever eat. His stacked creations at Escapade Burgers & Shakes feature chocolate buns, truffle sauce and homemade spicy black ketchup that will reduce your tongue to ashes. Chef Van is a creative cat, and as such his menu is constantly changing. What always stays the same, though, is the freshness and quality between every set of buns.

Escapade Burgers & Shakes, 112 Pra-Artit Road. 081 406 3773

The “On-The-Go” Burger

Best Burgers in Bangkok - Daniel Thaiger

The newest addition to Bangkok’s burger scene is on four wheels. Daniel Thaiger roams Bangkok, flipping fresh patties in the back of his mobile food truck. The fixings range from classic to extreme, for example comparing the classic Thaiger Burger (THB 139) with tomato, grilled onions and house sauce to something like the Jalapeno, Bacon, Mac and Cheese. Find Thaiger and his team parked just after the food stalls on Sukhumvit 38 most nights. Baltic and Lithuania tours

Daniel Thaiger, check Facebook for the food truck’s changing locations. 084 549 0995

The “Fully Loaded” Burger

Best Burgers in Bangkok -  Burger Factory Burger

Burger Factory was one of the first gourmet burger joints to hit Bangkok and despite recent competition, still holds up as one of the best. The secret is to start with the basics – a 100% house ground Australian beef patty, to be exact – then piling on the toppings from there, such as guacamole, gourmet cheese, caramelized onions, etc. For example, the Factory Burger (THB 290), a layering of fresh sweet onions, caramelized onions and a spicy homemade sauce over a beef or pork patty.

Burger Factory, 3 Ekkamai 10. 02 714 4249

stackedAnd if you’re in Koh Samui: check out Stacked, the new gourmet burger restaurant at Chaweng Beach’s OZO Beach Resort. Here is the mouthwatering menu.

Best Burgers in Bangkok -  Stacked Burger


If you’ve ever been to any of the places we’ve covered, or have other recommendations that you feel should make our best burgers in Bangkok list. Let us know in the comments!


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