A Traveller’s Guide to Instagram Tips & Secrets

Photography helps people see more clearly.

When you go on a holiday escape, you get to experience something special – a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. It makes total sense that you would want to save these precious memories. You want to look back and smile at the fun you had, and you want to share your happiness with the people you love.

So you log in to Instagram.

It’s so easy to take a snapshot of every moment, but this guide will give you tips on taking the right photos on your vacation. And, best of all, you won’t believe how easy it is to take a beautiful Instagram photo!

#1: Place your subject in the centre of the shot

This may sound obvious, but it’s a little more difficult than you think! When taking a picture, especially of your travel companion, try to balance out the colours and shapes of your photo.

If you check out this first photo, you’ll see that the sun is more or less in the centre of the shot. Its colour and shape make it stand out from the rest of the photo, and from there, our eyes naturally move towards the islands in the sea, the markings on the sand, and the meditating model in the bottom-centre. It’s a very well composed photo that makes use of putting the subject in the middle of the image.

This next photo also works because the lovely lady in the centre of the photo stood out from the greys, greens, and beige background. The blue, white, brown, and shadowed skin tone of the focus make a well-balanced picture.

#2: The Rule of Thirds is one of your greatest weapons

Professional photographers know the Rule of Thirds by heart. When looking at an amazing view, hold up your camera and imagine a grid with 9 boxes. Like this one:

Did you know this grid can turn a boring photo into something much more amazing? Take a look at this photo.

From @marmik at Amari Ocean Pattaya

From @marmik at Amari Pattaya

If you imagine the grid on top of this picture, you’ll find the main areas of focus in the image. There’s a balance in light and colour, and your eyes can naturally appreciate it, from the running boy to the sunset over the ocean at Pattaya.

Not convinced? Here’s another beautiful landscape photo that’s sure to sway you.

For this photo, we’ll apply a simplified version of the Rule of Thirds by dividing the photo into three parts. The focus would be the right-most photo, and our eyes would gradually move to the left. Again, with the contrast in colours, shape, and lighting, this picture of Amari Havodda Maldives is very well-balanced and would make all your Instagram friends jealous at the holiday you’re enjoying!

#3: Don’t be afraid to use props

If it adds character and personality to your photos, as well as giving it the balance we’ve been talking about, then let it play a role in your photo! Some people even have reoccurring props, such as dolls or glasses of cool, delicious drinks.

And remember: anything can be used as a prop. Your imagination is the limit.

#4: Notice the little details in each moment

Whether it’s the unique design or the perfect lighting, sometimes the perfect moment automatically comes to you! Have your camera ready for a spontaneous shot. Just make sure you find these three things:

  • The Right Angle
  • Complementary Colours
  • The Perfect Lighting

Try out these 4 tips and you’ll immediately feel the difference in your Instagram feed. Trust us- your family and friends will love these little changes in your vacation photos! Don’t forget to share your awesome pictures with us too by tagging #DiscoverAmari.

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Ari is based in Bangkok and loves food, books, and learning about cultures.

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