Metropolis has Superman, Gotham has Batman. If you’ve stayed with Amari Hotels, you must have met our lovely Amari Hosts! Friendly, smart and quick to act, Amari Hosts are our resident superheroes, always ready to save the day and make every stay rewarding!

Let us introduce you to our Amari Host and give you a glimpse of what she does!

1. A Smile Accompanying Your Journey

From the first moment of your arrival until your departure, our Amari Hosts are always there with a warm smile and readiness to help! That’s because it’s our pleasure to make you feel welcome!

2. Always Ready to Assist

No matter what kind of help you need, our Amari Host will be right there to save the day! From asking directions around the hotel to special requests for your room, our Amari Host has everything covered. We’ll make sure you part with the best memories.

3. A Guide Throughout Your Stay

With a sort of intuition you’d expect from a best friend, our Amari Hosts are always there to help make each destination your own, from naming the best restaurants to recommending what to do and see in town. Discover the best of Amari with us!

3. Personalised Service

Our personalised service fits all ages and sizes! From offering a Kid’s Passport to your little ones to explore and play to a birthday surprise delivered right at your doorstep, our Amari Hosts make sure you feel extra special staying with us.

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