Tips for Surviving the Rainy Season in Bangkok

Don’t let the rain dampen your holiday – or spirits!

For those who are planning to travel to Bangkok but are not sure whether the rainy season would dampen their holiday, you don’t need to worry – Bangkok is an eternally sunny place whether you’re here during the hot summers, the breezy winters, or the rainy season.

You may experience a couple of short drizzles or the occasional tropical storms amidst your sunny holiday in the tropics, so here are a couple of Tips for Surviving the Rainy Season in Bangkok: 

Surviving a rainy day with an umbrella

Surviving a rainy day with an umbrella [image source: commons.wikimedia]

  1. Carry around an umbrella. Even locals are sometimes caught off guard and have to scout for shelter when the rain unexpectedly hits them. There are even some who are too hesitant to carry an umbrella out of the fear of inconvenience or looking excessive but during the rainy season it’s an absolute life saver. You will become the envy of the streets when you gloriously open up your umbrella and shield yourself from the downpour.
  2. Wear closed, waterproof shoes or pack a pair of rain boots. The streets of Bangkok in many areas are not completely even and you can expect some puddles so be sure to have closed shoes or rain boots handy to avoid having rain water splatter on your legs.
  3. Prepare a raincoat or rain poncho. Think an umbrella will suffice? Maybe for light drizzles. But a raincoat or poncho can give you the extra protection you need and they’re relatively light, compact and easy to carry around in your bag.
  4. For all ladies, keep a hair tie on hand. It might not be hot in the rain and you might not experience much sweat but the humidity will definitely add frizz and change your hair texture. It is best to keep your hair up and avoid having it all over your face when you’re braving the rain.
  5. Have as little luggage with you as possible. If you have several bags on you, you’re likely to be fumbling around clumsily trying to keep both you and your luggage dry under an umbrella without the agility you need for these situations. If you went shopping and have quite a few things to carry, just catch a taxi and avoid the risk altogether.

Rain boots can save your life when you're walking through puddles and uneven bricks

Rain boots can save your life when you’re walking through puddles and uneven bricks [image source: commons.wikimedia]

All in all, Bangkok is an eternally sunny city and still very much worth the visit during rainy season. If you wait for around 30 minutes or so for the rain to stop, you will eventually be able to go about your day. But with our special rainy day tips and a bit of advance planning, you can enjoy your holiday almost unaffected. For more travel tips, don’t forget to follow Amari on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Google+.

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