Why Protecting Honeybees Is Important To Us


Where would we be without bees?


Did you know honeybees are under threat of extinction and it affects us directly? Honeybees are the world’s leading pollinators – pollinating and helping grow 70 of the top 100 crops that feed 90% of the world. If honeybees become extinct, there is a grave effect. We lose plants and the animals that feed on those plants and so on up the food chain. To put it simply, there will be a struggle to sustain the global human population of 7 billion.



Why are bees disappearing?


1. Loss of flower meadows where honeybees pollinate
2. Varroa mites predating on honeybees
3. Climate change causing lower pollination levels
4. Pesticides affect the bees’ natural ability to pollinate

What are we doing about it?

plan-bee-6This is a global problem. Here in Thailand, Amari introduced the ongoing Plan BEE project that focuses on the conservation of natural biodiversity through the protection of the Asian honeybee, which is under threat of extinction. ‘Plan BEE’ provides communities with practical training from an experienced apiculturist (or bee keeper) and the start-up tools to maintain a healthy Asian honeybee population, subsequently enabling them to earn a supplementary income. The first of which took place at Baan Kao Kram, a village in Krabi in November 2013. You can learn more here.


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