Participating in Earth Hour 2016

Do your part.

Earth Hour 2016 is on Saturday 19 March, 8.30pm – 9.30pm.

So you’re probably wondering what you can do to contribute to Earth Hour? Check out our simple tips below.

1. Unplug Electronic Appliances

At 8:25pm on Saturday 19 March, prepare for Earth Hour by unplugging all your appliances including TV, DVD player, fridge, washing machine, toaster etc. When you come to turn your appliances back on again, you may find that the likes of your washing machine or refrigerator have experienced a problem. As with many appliances, they will break at some point, but if you look at a website like, you can see how professionals can come to your home and fix your broken appliance for you, which will save you from having to replace it once Earth Hour has been completed. Ensuring that you have a home warranty plan could also help cover the costs of any repairs that need to happen on your appliances, where you can get a home warranty florida, Texas, and a variety of other places to give you the coverage you need. However, in most circumstances, all your appliances will be working as they should.

2. Turn Off Your Lights

Turn off all the non-essential lights in your home or business. Safety is imperative so make sure you have alternative light sources handy before Earth Hour starts, like torches or flashlights to see in the dark. You could also consider alternative lighting solutions such as propane lights for example. These are said to be cost-effective when compared to electric lights, while also being classified as clean energy. Did you know that propane can also be used to power your other appliances? So, during Earth Hour, it might be a wise choice to contact a Virginia propane delivery service (or one where you live) so that you can stock up on fuel and use it to power your lights. People do not realize how much energy keeping a light on all day can expel so perhaps in the future investing in automatic lights, or lights on a timer could help to make sure that this does not happen. This will help to not only save the plant but also your household bills.

3. Turn Your Computer Off

Even when your computer is idle, it still uses energy. Cut down by turning off your device for one hour during Earth Hour. An alternative to a computer could be a laptop where once it is fully charged most of the time it will last throughout the tasks that need to be completed. This should save so much more energy and help to lessen your guilt about having to use a computer for the whole day.

4. Share Your Commitment and Tell Your Friends About Earth Hour!

The more people that participate in Earth Hour, the more energy that is saved and awareness is raised. Share your commitment with the official Earth Hour hashtag: #ChangeClimateChange and #EarthHour

And we also have great ideas on how to have fun without electricity!

1. Invite Friends Over

It’s the perfect time to catch up! Invite your friends or family over during Earth Hour and enjoy great company and conversation along with some snacks and drinks.

2. Games By Candlelight

Get the gang together and enjoy an evening of board games by candlelight. If you’re into tabletop games like Magic: The Gathering (you can learn here about how that works), the dark, candlelit atmosphere is sure to make for an amazing session.

3. A Live Music Jam

Get your musically-inclined buddies together for a live jam session.

4. Read a Book or Magazine

Enjoy your favourite book or magazine by candlelight or create a fun story hour with the whole family._MG_5227

5. Go For A Nighttime Walk

Head out for a walk and see your city in a whole new way with the lights out.

6. Yoga By Candlelight

The peace and quiet of the dark is the perfect setting for a relaxing yoga session. All you need is your mat and you’re good to go.

7. Nighttime Photography

An ideal opportunity for all budding photographers to head out and capture their surroundings in a whole new ‘light’-darkness

Remember: doing even a little bit can go a long way. Learn more about Earth Hour here.

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