Introducing Amari Yangshuo, China’s First Amari Hotel

2017 is the year of many firsts for Amari; We’re opening our first hotels in four countries! Heading northwards, Amari Yangshuo will be our pioneering hotel in China.

1. The Heavenly Escape

An hour and a half’s drive away from Guilin Liangjiang International Airport, the ride to Amari Yangshuo takes you on a tour of the picturesque countryside. The hotel  is located right next to West Street, a central location with strong historical significance. Filled with restaurants, shops and bars, the bustling street is a combination of local architecture and contemporary design.

West Street, Amari Yangshuo

West Street, Amari Yangshuo

All 73 of our cosy rooms and suites are equipped with all the amenities and modern technology you could possibly need during your stay. Enjoy fresh, delicious meals awaiting you at Amaya Food Gallery. Reward your body and mind with a rejuvenating and restful massage or treatment at Breeze Spa.

2. Excellent Location for Leisure Travellers

Amari Yangshuo offers a unique holiday experience for its guests you won’t find anywhere else. Clear skies, lush hillsides, towering karst peaks and the winding rivers happily greet you. The calm mood brings out a special tranquility. Nature and tradition meet modernity in the bustling city of Yangshuo, where rich, green scenery surrounds you, promising both adventure and relaxation.

Towering karst peaks and the winding rivers

Towering karst peaks and the winding rivers

3. Interesting Attractions in a Rare Destination

While it’s tempting to enjoy the beautiful scenic views from the comfort of our hotel, there’s so much to discover outside. For example, riding a bamboo raft down the Yulong River will show you gorgeous rural landscapes you can’t find elsewhere.

If you prefer historical or cultural experiences, then you won’t want to miss visiting the Xing Ping Ancient Village or the Yangshuo Impression Sanjie Liu. The quiet and charming ancient village takes you back to a simpler time, recreating life in provincial China. For a more lively entertainment, Impression Sanjie Liu takes the theatre and creates an alternate setting in nature. Breathtaking views and emotion-invoking performances come together in Yangshuo’s extraordinary attraction.

Don’t wait around – an exciting holiday with your name on it is ready to go!

Yulong River

Yulong River

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Ari is based in Bangkok and loves food, books, and learning about cultures.

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