An Amazing Discovery: Pha Hin Dam, Phuket

You could explore Phuket everyday for an entire year and never get bored.

There is so much to see and discover, from its beautiful beaches to the natural wonders surrounding you. One such scenic nature trail is Pha Hin Dam, Phuket (or in English, Black Rock).

The road to Pha Hin Dam begins at its entrance: in between the Sam-aow viewpoint and Nui Beach. It’s important to notice that the path at the right side of the entrance is a dirt road. The journey to Pha Hin Dam might be a little bumpy, as this landmark was only recently recognised as a Phuket travel spot.

You should go down this rugged road for approximately a kilometre, until you meet a junction on the left. At this point, there will be a sign saying drivers can park there. If you’re riding a bicycle, motorcycle, or drove a 4WD, feel free to venture forward. Any other vehicle should park at this point, as it may get rather trying for the car to continue driving up this path. The kilometre-long path gradually gets higher as you go, until you reach another pathway on the left-hand side, which goes another 500 metres.

Here are the exact coordinates according to the GPS:

Latitude: 7.784707
Longitude: 98.296382




The first thing we suggest you do once you reach the summit is to take in a deep breath of fresh air. You won’t believe the difference it’ll make! Next, take a moment to appreciate the amazing view before you.

You are now ready to take out your camera for some permanent appreciation.





We recommend you visit around 15:00 – 18:00. The sunset is especially breathtaking from this spot on Pha Hin Dam, not to mention the ideal weather.




From this particular spot, you can see the Phromthep Cape (Laem Phrom Thep), one of Phuket’s most famous landmarks and home to some of the most beautiful views. Other amazing points of interest in view from the top include Phuket’s wind turbine farm, Yanui Beach, Nai Han Beach, Ao Sane Beach,  Koh Kaew,  Koh Hey,  and Koh Lon.

Prepare to be awed beyond belief!



And that’s as far as we can take you. To truly appreciate Pha Hin Dam, Phuket, you’ll have to visit this hidden gem for yourself! Did you know it’s only an hour’s ride away from Amari Phuket?

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Ari is based in Bangkok and loves food, books, and learning about cultures.

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