5 Places to Celebrate Songkran in Bangkok 2019!

Songkran is Thailand’s longest public holiday as it celebrates the Thai New Year and spans from 13th to 15th April. Locals and tourists alike join in the celebration by engaging in mass water fights throughout the country, whilst some prefer making merit , paying respect to the Buddha image or spend time with their families.

If you’re new to Songkran and want to know the best places to experience the fun, here are Amari’s top picks to the best places to celebrate Songkran! You have only three days to celebrate the festival, so choose wisely. Have fun and get soaked!

1. Silom

Being everyone’s go-to place during Songkran, Silom is packed with people carrying water guns…ready to get you soaked. One of the main highlights is the fire trucks positioned at each intersection, waiting to ambush you with their water hose! You can also come to observe the fun without getting wet, just stay within the safety of the skywalk.

2. Khaosan Road

Filled with wild bars and bustling vibes, Khaosan has for decades been the backpacking capital of Bangkok. If celebrating a soaked Songkran accompanied by some booze and music is your kind of jam, then Khaosan is the choice for you. Unlike Silom, there is no skywalk to save you from getting wet…so be prepared and dive in!

3. Sanam Luang

Located north of the Grand Palace is an open field called “Sanam Luang”. Here, the celebrations are much more respectful. On 13 April, a Buddha image is taken from the National Museum and escorted along the street for people to sprinkle water on it before it is left on display until the 15th so people can pay their respects.

4. Siam Square

Want a wet but tamer Songkran? Siam Square has always been a place for young people to enjoy and Songkran is no exception. Every year’s concept centres around the theme  “no nudity, no alcohol, and no powder” so you’ll be able to experience more traditional aspects of the festival without it getting too messy!

Activities include offering water to the Buddha image and performances by many famous artists and singers.

5. S2O Songkran Music Festival

S2O IS THE WORLD’S GREATEST SONGKRAN FESTIVAL EVER! Literally. If you love EDM and don’t enjoy getting soaked under the hot scorching sun, then S2O Songkran Music Festival is made for you. Featuring the hottest music from the world’s top DJs with the coolest production from Asia’s greatest teams, you’ll want to be here every year.

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