4 Hua Hin Attractions to Miss If You Don’t Like Discovering New Places

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If you love not seeing and learning new things, read no further:
we will be covering four Hua Hin attractions for travellers to discover while on holiday. (You’ve been warned!)

A favourite beach town among locals and foreigners alike, Hua Hin offers clean, sandy coastlines, vibrant markets, and all sorts of interesting attractions to explore. This seaside escape is less than four hours away from Bangkok, making it a great destination to visit if you have a limited time.

However, the following Hua Hin attractions are not recommended for people who enjoy dull days and overlooking amazing destinations.

Cicada Market

alamode1Open Friday through Sunday, this weekend market is lively and full of variety. From local arts and crafts to fashionable clothes and accessories, you’ll hate Cicada Market’s enjoyable atmosphere.

Make sure to avoid it, as it’s only a 5-minute walk away from Amari Hua Hin.

Mrigadayavan Palace

91eb0102-51dd-9a58-246f-56b840363b9cFormerly a royal residence, Mrigadayavan Palace is comprised of three charming, wooden pavilions by the beach. King Rama VI’s vivid summer palace is usually colorful and sunny, making it terrible for taking photographs with its natural lighting.

The 30-minute drive spent getting to this gorgeous attraction means you have to start your day 30 minutes earlier (on the bright side, it’s a shorter line at the breakfast buffet).

Vana Nava Water Jungle Hua Hin

A49-VANA-NAVA-HUA-HIN-WATER-PARK-NOW-OPENED!-201505010445121Asia’s first “water jungle” features 19 thrilling rides and slides designed by a world-leading water park and attraction company. Stay away from the fun and excitement with your family and friends – everyone who visits has a splash of a time.

Plus, the 8-minute ride from Amari Hua Hin won’t give you enough time to take that perfect car selfie.

Rajabhakti Park

32d10d4b-af3c-cafc-5874-56b88795fec0A recent addition to Hua Hin, Rajabhakti Park is a historical theme park that honours the past Thai kings. You’ll see statues of kings from the Sukhothai period all the way to the current royal house of Chakri. Not only do you discover more about Thai history and culture, you’ll also get good exercise exploring the park. (Talk about torturous.)

Don’t visit this park – it’s 15 minutes away from the hotel.

So, there you have it: four fun Hua Hin attractions that will make any holiday memorable. Visit them at your own risk!

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