Taxis in Bangkok – 10 Key Thing to Remember

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Metered Taxis in Bangkok are a comfortable way to get around town – but there are some key things to remember.

Key Things to Remember:

  • If the driver claims that your destination is closed, doesn’t know where it is, or tries to take you elsewhere, just get out of the taxi
  • All taxis are metered and the flag fall fare is 35 THB
  • Except from the airport and through toll ways there are no surcharges – even at night; don’t believe drivers who try to tell you otherwise
  • A lit red sign on the front window means the taxi is available
  • Many drivers will “forget” to start the meter in order to overcharge you
  • Most will start the meter when asked politely to do so
  • If the driver refuses to use the meter after a couple of attempts, simply exit the taxi
  • Be sure to either know the correct pronunciation of your destination, or have it written in Thai, as most drivers speak little English
  • Be sure to have small bills (100 THB or less)
  • Tips are not necessary

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