First impressions of Bangkok – a guest’s perspective

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A recent guest at the Amari Watergate Bangkok gives us his first impressions of Bangkok.


Wow! Neither written material nor first-hand reports prepared me for the stimulating sights, smells, and sounds of Bangkok. This Rorschach should be required for ALL.

One finds so many people of different cultures and geographic locations moving about in limited space to purchase a vast array of goods and services in a city both old and new.

Most amazingly to this traveler is that it occurs with a minimum of the indignities of crime and disrespect for another’s person and property. Rather the myriad needs of the many are accommodated to a remarkable degree without negative incident.

No matter ones interest (arts, history, science, medicine, law, religion, psychology or sociology) Bangkok affords an exceptional locus for investigation and reflection.

Whether looking at the city from a historical perspective or simply enjoying its present-day incarnation, any traveler must confront his or her conceptions of the world and its people. Include Bangkok in your travel plans.

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