Amari lends a hand to Earth Hour 2012

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On Saturday 31st March 2012, at 8.30 pm, Amari Hotels and Resorts will proudly support Earth Hour by switching off non-essential lighting for one hour at all our hotels.


From Asia to Europe, Africa to the Americas, hundreds of millions of people across the world will unite to celebrate Earth Hour and we encourage you to do the same. Whether, it’s for one hour or even more, our combined efforts will help to make a difference.

If you’re not sure about how you to start, here are some of our favorite tips:

Fill Up Your Freezer
Did you know that an empty freezer uses up more energy than a full one?

Fill empty containers 2/3rds of the way and put them in your freezer. The ice will help to keep the temperature inside your freezer and use less energy.

Unplug Electronic Appliances
At 8:25pm on March 31st, prepare for Earth Hour by powering down. Unplug your appliances, big or small, and already you’ll be helping to conserve energy.

Turn Your Computer Off
Even when your computer is idle, it still uses energy. Cut down by turning off your device for one hour during Earth Hour.

Invite Friends Over
Help spread the word by inviting your friends or family over to join your Earth Hour celebrations. Some friendly faces might make the time pass faster!

Turn Off Your Lights
Last but not least, turn off all the lights in your home. It may be a bit strange staying in the dark, but it’s just for one hour and besides you’re doing it for a good cause.

There you have it, a list of what you can do to help our planet. Join us in the celebrations and remember- Earth is our only home, let’s do what we can, while we can.

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